Foot in the Door Skilling is a registered provider for the NDIS for all your capacity building daily life skills and increased social and community participation needs.

What We're About

At Foot in the Door Skilling we concentrate on what we do best which is delivering quality, job and life focused skills to our students and giving them the best possible chance at gaining new skills while creating an atmosphere where students feel safe, comfortable, and unique. You decide on the activities and skills you would love to do, and we’ll create your own individualised program. We will plan with you, your family and support workers, to achieve your goals and make important life choices. We will continually liaise closely with all parties to ensure that your pathway is consistently challenging, fun and appropriate to assist in meeting your goals. You can explore and learn new activities, discover new ways to develop life and work skills and make new friends along the way.


At Foot in the Door Skilling we want to flex your most important muscle… YOUR BRAIN. Our activities are designed not only to be fun and engaging but also to activate logical, creative, analytical, abstract and critical thinking. From measuring ingredients, researching speech topics, pricing clothes items, debating, designing t-shirts and mastering Uber and internet banking, we will help you build self-confidence, widen your knowledge and thrive in a nurturing environment – at your own pace surrounded by like-minded people. Just like any workout, you will feel a real sense of achievement at the end of the day.


"Foot In The Door Training is a place where you learn more than the certificate you are studying. You gain confidence and skills needed to thrive in a work environment. The trainers and staff are professionals in their fields. They know how to engage their students as well as bring out their potential. While studying a Cert III in Hospitality, I've become confident and happier in my work ethic and social skills. I found the theory work to be extremely knowledgeable and the practical work really fun if you're passionate about what you study. Studying at The Foot In The Door Training has opened many new doors for me and my future career. The overall experience is unforgettable and I'm so happy to have met so many amazing people due to studying here. Highly Recommended!"
Judy McFarland

Our flexible ACTIVITIES includes

Foot in the door Skilling aCTIVITIES

improve my reading and writing

You will learn the basic building blocks that go to making up words, sentences, paragraphs and stories based on your individual needs. You will learn simple ways to read and write and you will understand what letters go together to make the basic words.

Confidence through effective communication

Learn the skills to be able to write effective, concise documents, feel confident with public speaking and develop effective listening techniques and the art of good customer service.

Start up my own business | become an entrepreneur

Creating your own business can be rewarding. Ecommerce has made it easy for anyone with a great idea to sell their products & make money.

Master Chef Cooking Skills

Learn the art of using kitchen equipment to create mouth-watering meals that can be portioned out and stored for later use. This course will give you the skills to work safely and hygienically plan meals ahead of time.

Budget Planning | Spending

A spending plan allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money for things you need to do or would like to do.

Working in a retail outlet

Working in our Op shop will provide you with the confidence to manage the daily operations of a busy retail outlet, make pricing decisions, work with a team, look after customers and give you the experience and skills needed to pursue a career in retail.