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At Foot in the Door Training we concentrate on what we do best which is delivering quality, job and life focused skills to our students and giving them the best possible chance at gaining new skills while creating an atmosphere where students feel safe, comfortable, and unique. We offer very flexible course delivery and scheduling, catering to the needs of the individual, while offering intimate support to both students and stakeholders.

We have always exceeded our KPI’s with well over 65% of our students gaining employment within 3 months of completion, most of which are directly from their work experience venue. Our last ASQA audit received a 100% compliant result and we are considered a very low risk RTO.

Foot in the Door training has developed all our own learning resources and continuously improve on them to ensure clients are learning the most current, relevant and reliable products available.

Our process involves easing the students into the training, giving them time to settle in and treating them with respect. We then move onto the more practical areas of the training, always ensuring that students have ample time to practice their skills. Once the student feels confident enough, we then place them into vocational placement or create an individual support plan for their future endeavours. This process has worked so well that over 90% of our students complete the training and to date we have a 100% student satisfaction rate.

It works so well in fact that we often find students keep returning to our training rooms after completion as they miss the course! We allow students to practice their skills until they feel confident, this reduces the amount of pressure placed on them and results in a learning environment that is based on soaking up knowledge and skills over an individualised timeframe.

We believe that the opportunity of successfully completing a qualification or life skill, of gaining self-confidence, in meeting new people, in creating a sense of achievement are all great motivators to complete one of our courses. We are focused in specific areas such as hospitality, retail, skill sets, employment assistance and life skills to ensure we give our students the best possible outcomes. We are constantly updating our materials and our trainers’ knowledge and skills so we may pass these on to our students creating an informed and highly skilled individual. We care about each and every one of our students. We develop a fantastic rapport and encourage students to give us updates on their progress well after course completion. Our trainers take the time to show sensitivity and respect when communicating with students. We have several forms of feedback that we collect from students at commencement, during the course and at course completion to ensure students are satisfied with their learning.

What we can Offer

We'll be with you all the way!


You will learn the basic building blocks that go to making up words, sentences, paragraphs and stories based on your individual needs. You will learn simple ways to read and write and you will understand what letters go together to make the basic words.


Learn the skills to be able to write effective, concise documents, feel confident with public speaking and develop effective listening techniques and the art of good customer service.


Creating your own business can be rewarding. Ecommerce has made it easy for anyone with a great idea to sell their products & make money.


Learn the art of using kitchen equipment to create mouth-watering meals that can be portioned out and stored for later use. This course will give you the skills to work safely and hygienically plan meals ahead of time.


A spending plan allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money for things you need to do or would like to do.


Working in our Op shop will provide you with the confidence to manage the daily operations of a busy retail outlet, make pricing decisions, work with a team, look after customers and give you the experience and skills needed to pursue a career in retail.