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Foot in the Door Skilling offers an exciting, diverse and flexible range of activities and skills to encourage you to participate, engage, learn and grow… and have fun along the way. These activities will create sound capacity building supports to enable you to build your independence and skills.



A spending plan, or budget, allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money to do the things you need to do and to set up a clear plan to achieve your financial goals. You will learn how to have more money in your pocket, work towards designated goals and set up a stable financial platform for the future.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • the perils of PayWave and credit cards
  • setting long term goals
  • do you really need that item?
  • getting value for your money
  • where to find cheaper items
  • what is a spending plan?
  • create a plan that works for you
  • list my spending in order of importance
  • open an on-line savings account
  • what is meant by “interest”?
  • comparing prices on-line

Public Transport

Whether you want to travel to work, study, go shopping, visit the doctor or see friends, our services can help you develop the skills needed to use public transport on these journeys. Public transport can be a bit scary at first. You need to know about timetables, where the bus/train departs, how long is the journey, how much is the fare and what to do if something goes wrong.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • travelling safely
  • strategies to deal with difficulties
  • using rides share services
  • budgeting for trips
  • looking for the cheapest options
  • group outings
  • catching trains, buses and ferries
  • using a Go card
  • how to plan trips
  • which service to catch
  • when and where to get on and off
  • accessible service

Effective Communication


Learn the skills to be able to write effective, concise documents, feel confident with public speaking and develop effective listening techniques and the art of good customer service.

From ordering a coffee, writing an email, filling in forms or delivering a speech to an audience—effective communication is essential.  When you feel comfortable engaging with people, it enables you to learn a lot about them.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • what is written communication
  • getting your message across
  • what is verbal communication
  • how to relax when speaking with others
  • what is non-verbal communication
  • impromptu speaking
  • listening techniques
  • speech evaluation
  • speech making
  • customer service skills



There is only one thing better than planting a seed and watching it grow, and that is eating the finished product. You will be working with a gardening group to create a fruit and vegetable patch. This will include planning and creating a space, deciding on what to grow, maintaining the plants as they develop and finally, eating your own fruit and veggies.

We will take a trip to a nursery and talk to the experts who will share their stories, tips and advice. You will develop the tools to enable you to continue growing food at home.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • what and when to plant?
  • what tools do what job?
  • feeding plants
  • protecting plants from insect pests
  • harvesting and packing
  • preparing and eating your own food
  • composting
  • plant out seeds and cuttings
  • prepare a vegie patch
  • build a scarecrow
  • plant seeds and prepare cuttings
  • worm farming
  • water and fertilise plants
  • looking after the garden
  • take a trip to a plant nursery
  • cutting, picking and storing plant

Start up my own business | become an entrepreneur

Creating your own business can be very rewarding. Online shopping has made it easy for anyone with a great idea to sell their products and make money. All it takes is a bit of creativity, a marketing plan and a heap of enthusiasm.

Experienced tutors will guide you through the design and making process of your chosen craft item(s). All materials and tools will be provided, and you will be working with other participants in a fun and relaxed environment. You can share ideas and play around with different types of materials. We will check out online crafting sites to encourage your creative thinking.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • design and make items
  • design your own fabulous business namelogo and tags
  • costing and pricing items
  • set up a webpage to sell items
  • navigating online selling platforms
  • manage web page

Working in THE retail industry

“Old Brand New” is our fully functioning training retro op-shop.  The experience gained when working in the shop will provide you with the confidence to manage the daily operations of a busy retail outlet, make pricing decisions, work with a team, look after customers and give you the experience and skills needed to pursue a career in retail. You will learn important skills to work in a busy retail environment, have lots of fun along the way and receive a certificate of attendance on completion.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • use pricing equipment
  • ricing items
  • planning promotions and sales
  • promote sales with social media
  • balance takings at end of day
  • set up cash register
  • manage the point of sales
  • open and close shop
  • unpack and sort stock
  • design great displays
  • working with others in a team
  • assist customers

Master Chef cooking skills

Home cooking is a great way to save money, eat healthily and impress your friends.

Learn the art of using kitchen equipment to create mouth-watering meals that can be portioned out and stored for later use. This course will give you the skills to work safely and hygienically plan meals ahead of time.

~ Activities will Include~

  • shopping for food
  • designing meals for healthy living
  • understanding different food types
  • understanding and working with recipes
  • cooking equipment
  • use and safety
  • cooking tasty meals
  • food storage and meal planning
  • food safety
  • weighing and measurins

Improve my reading, writing and numbers

You will learn the basic building blocks that go to making up words, sentences, paragraphs and stories based on your individual needs. You will learn simple ways to read and write and you will understand what letters go together to make the basic words.

Then you will move onto numbers, decimals, fractions and calculations and finish with understanding and completing workplace documents.

~ Activities will Include ~

  • how words are put together
  • write a brilliant story
  • vowels and consonants    
  • get creative with words
  • comprehension  
  • when to add, subtract, divide and multiply
  • where to the apostrophes belong?
  • tricks for multiplication
  • when to make a paragraph
  • percentages and fractions
  • complete workplace documents     
  • create workplace documents