Don't take our word for it. Hear what 50+ students have to say

"I trained in Hospitality through these guys. The trainers are the most amazing and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing."
Jessica Spence
"It was one of the best classes, training i have attended. Best experience, best class, best trainer, best support all round."
Precious Heke
"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The educators are phenomenal, you have a great time doing your work whilst being a total bundle of joy. really allows you to do whatever you want."
Mitchell Masters

Michael McCarthy

“The experience I had with everyone was one of the most positive effects on my life, being in that environment really helped get me on track with a lot over the past year, from being less shy around people to getting a great stable job, I cannot thank you guys enough for everything you have done for me. And a special thanks to Natalie for helping me through the work and being there when I needed help, I’ll never forget everything you have done for me and all the doors you have opened for me in the small period of time I was with you guys.” 


Beverley Tisdell

“My decision to attend Foot in the door training was the best decision i have made not only do you learn you make friends. I found all the staff amazing, helpful and they made me feel so at home. I also love the fact they have placement with their courses which gave me the opportunity to get back out there and put into practise what i have just learnt. Thank you Foot in the door training for giving my confidence back.”


Tiffy Firefly

“Firstly, if you need a hand to get back into life, these are your people! Foot in the door training has helped me achieve my goal of finishing a course. Their Dedication to each student, helping us each reach our own potential and helping us through any hurdles is second to none. They have a real family feel and will support you in any growth.”


Wendy Cuthbertson

“I can’t thank FID trainers Joe, Natalie & Sandy and Tanisha enough for all their insights and support whilst I completed my Retail/Cafe Op’s Certificate. You guys are awesome, I enjoyed attending every day, pushing myself to get the most I could from all the learning. You boosted my confidence immensely and helped me think outside the square for career paths. I highly recommend FID Training courses to anyone seeking formal qualifications no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. FID offer a total support package not just the certificate. Thanks heaps.”